Book Name: Arjun’s Jenny – An Unconventional Journey
Format: Kindle / Kindle Unlimited

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What would you do when suddenly one day your life takes a U-turn? Do you go with the flow or resist and fight it? Heart says go on, but the mind says to stay on. Life is not always as simple as it seems.
Set in the hectic city of Mumbai, this story is about Jenny, falling for a workaholic man who doesn’t have time for love. Will they make it, or will it break them?
Isn’t love enough? Asks Arjun Rajput. Let us enter their life and see if it was enough to bind them forever. 
Jenny, a sweet, docile girl from the land of Gujarat, gets a lifetime opportunity to attend the prestigious college of Mumbai. She gets an unexpected chance to attend a life-altering seminar on business planning, presented by none other than Arjun Rajput. Her life post the seminar transforms, compelling her to move with the surge, to experience, and relish the adventures it has in store for her.
Arjun is called through many interesting names by his peers, but workaholic-snob is the most common of them. His sole focus is achieving his childhood dream, but a return favor changes his priorities forever. He, who creates his own rules, unexpectedly has to consider and abide by the rules of someone unknown.
Arjun’s Jenny is a story of two opposites, testing the tides of life and trying to save their relationship along with it. A self-absorbed man with a sweet, simple girl, it surely isn’t a match made in heaven. But sometimes, it’s a match made in your heart, at a subconscious level, and nothing can replace it.

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