Holi Proposal – Story of happiness and love

Holi Proposal – Story of happiness and love

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Holi Proposal – Read this sweet short story of Kabir and Jiva.

My friends and I planned to meet at nine am tomorrow. It was auspicious to start early for Holi celebrations. Kavyansh helped me put all the colors from the polythene bag into bowls I would take with me tomorrow. My little brother was always eager to please me.

“Kavyash, be careful. Don’t mix the colors.”

“Sorry, di. My hands are covered with different colors. I don’t know how not to mix the colors.”

I groaned and pointed to the napkin I had kept on his side. “Don’t you see that cloth? I have kept it for you. Wipe your hands but don’t mix the colors. Kabir would be there, and I want everything perfect.”

“I hate Kabir.”

Laughter bubbled out, and Kavyansh scrunched his nose.

“What did he do to earn your anger?”

“He holds your hand.”

My mouth hung open, and my neck twisted around, looking for my parents. Of course, they knew nothing about this endeavor. Even Kavyash didn’t know. But I guess he had put two and two together.

Being in the same college, we were getting close, yet we were getting nowhere. A year passed, but Kabir was yet to ask me to be his girlfriend.

This year, I was going to force him to take a leap. I had a plan.

“Why are you smiling, di? Thinking about Kabira?”

“It’s Kabir, Kav.”

“It’s Kavyash, J di.”

I laughed at his sing-song tone. “Jiva, baby brother.”

“I am not a baby anymore. This is done. Bye, I am going to sleep.”

I smiled, pinching my lips to not laugh. He hated me calling him a baby, but he was twelve, and I was eighteen. Of course, he was a baby to me.


Next day


“Where are the guys?”

“Are they planning anything?” I asked Khushali.

“No, or at least I don’t think so.”

It was ten minutes past nine, and the guys were nowhere. I had let no one touch my tray of colors because I wanted Kabir to be the first to apply it over my face. Biting my lip, I again checked my phone. No calls, no messages.

Putting the tray down, I called him. This was my fourth call to him.

Where was he?

“The guys aren’t coming, and I am no longer waiting. Let’s play. Ankita, what say?”

“Yes. Jiva, we cannot wait forever. My mom is sending snacks in an hour, and we want to eat them fresh. Let’s put on some music and enjoy.”

I nodded, even though I didn’t want to.

Khushali, Ankita, Niki, Swetha, and I were best friends. Growing up together does that to you. Niki was the closest, but I loved them all.

Niki got a stereo from her place. She had created a playlist of special Holi songs. Once she hit the play button, everything was forgotten, even Kabir.

Crowding one person at a time, we applied color, laughing, dancing, and singing. Niki was the first one, and she screamed, begging for mercy. We all grinned, showing the white teeth on our otherwise dark faces. My turn soon came, and I saw Khushali rubbing her hand. It was silver.

“No, it wouldn’t come out easily.”

“Easy is boring.”

“Khush, don’t. We promised no permanent colors.”

“Nothing is permanent. Put some soap on it, and you can remove it quickly. You may have to have a few tries, but it can be removed.”

Before I could protest, the girls circled in, and I ducked. But it was too late, and I felt hands rubbing over my face.

I opened my mouth to ask them to stop but ate some of the colors instead. Yikes. I started coughing and heard laughter. My eyes opened wide as I jerked up. I found Kabir standing in front of me with the guys. He had more silver color on his hands.

“Where were you? And I told you, no permanent color.”

“Good, on Holi, I don’t take your orders.”

“You anyway don’t.”

“Oh, please. I always do as you say.”

“Where were you then? I asked you to be at nine.”

“It’s Abhay’s mistake. He wanted to meet his girlfriend. She challenged him, and we guys never back down from a challenge. I told him my girlfriend would be pissed.”

“What did you just say?”

Kabir paused and grabbed my hand. Dragging me away from the others, he stopped and started fidgeting.

“What did you just say?”

“Cool down, Jiva. I understand if you don’t want to.”

“Damn, Kabir. I asked what did you say?”

“Will you be my girlfriend?”

“I have been bloody giving you a hint for the past month, and before sharing this with me, you told this big news to your friend.”

Kabir sighed, but I was fuming.

“No fighting today, baby. You said Holi is all about happiness and that we should spread it everywhere. Mom is preparing the lunch boxes. We will go after twelve and distribute.”

That cooled me. “I waited for this. My mom is making sweets.”

“I know. But the moment I look at you, all my confidence evaporates. That’s why I had to color your face, so I don’t get nervous. And my mouth is already watering thinking about your mother’s special sweets.”

“You are crazy. Don’t worry. Mom will pack separately for you.”

“I know. But only for you.” Kabir took my hand in his, but his eyes went to my balcony. My lips tugged at the corners as I followed his eyes. My parents were nowhere to be found. Suddenly I felt a nip, and my mouth opened in an O.

“What did you just do?”

“Don’t fret, baby, more to come later. The only thing is, I don’t want to be dead. Now, come, everyone is waiting. Abhay cannot distract others forever, and I want to keep this between us for some time. Do you mind?”

“No. Whatever you want. I wanted to be your girlfriend, and now I am. I will change my Facebook status next week.”

Kabir’s eyes widened, but he knew better than to argue with me. He laughed, and we ran to our friends. I was again cornered, but I didn’t mind. I was so happy today.

Kabir and I enjoyed ourselves with our friends, but sharing food with the less privileged ones was something we did on our own. Kabir and I got the bags, and I settled on his scooter, excited.

Spending time with him was my favorite part of the day, and I loved every minute of our precious time together.

The End.

Thank you for reading the story. (Image credit: Image by Freepik)

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Beautiful and sweetest Holi story