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Hope – An infinite loop

Why is hope an infinite loop?

I was walking around the path of darkness, assuming light would find me. I always had faith in God and his miracles. Little miracles such as sometimes unknowingly, you get late for work, and later you read the news that there was an accident in the path towards your workplace. Or when you desperately need a job and find one after nearly all your resources are exhausted, and you reach the last straw, the last hope.

So today, when I was in darkness, I had this hope that now, when the time has come for God to support me, he surely will. We are always informed, the words ingrained in our minds to never lose hope, always trust, and things would turn out okay. Maybe not great, but okay enough to survive.

But why we have that hope? Is it because we actually have faith and trust God, or is it just because you don’t want to come against the mighty force? Sometimes, it’s just because it seems the easiest path to take. Trust should always develop from deep within the heart & not because there is nothing else left or because it’s comfortable.

I believe people never want troubles, not only the actual troubles they face but also the strain of someone challenging their thoughts, their beliefs, and varied opinions. The best way to be happy is to trust yourself, your philosophies, and viewpoints. I know light would find me. Not because it is its job to discover its own, but because it wouldn’t wish some of their own to get lost amid the darkness and isolation of despair. The loop continues, and life keeps on giving you new challenges. The chakra is never-ending, and you some win, you some lose.

But hope is permanent, solid, and unbroken.

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