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The Famous Sarcastic Replies

The sarcastic replies if taken light-heartedly brings a smile on your face and creates a jovial mood. The sense of humor of both parties should be at the same pace while enjoying the bantering and throwing sarcasm at each other.

But what is sarcasm?

An ironical or a sardonic statement made enveloped with humor is considered as sarcasm. Just imagine, sun is shining and you speak to someone on phone and they ask, is it morning already. Sometimes, you hold your tongue and reply sweetly but there are times when you give a sarcastic reply like, no, no, the sun has decided to not rise today only for you. Or, the sun is waiting for you to wake up so it can rise and we can all be bestowed with its light.

What you think? Is sarcasm good or does it have a power to ruin relationships? Post your comments below.

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