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Our Secret Romance: A billionaire office romance


My life is calm and sorted, and I relish my blissful comfort zone. But life is never stable, and so happened to me. He came.

The hot and irresistible Rajat Bhattacharya moved from London to follow his legacy and take over the CEO’s position.

He goofed up. Rajat didn’t remember me, and I won’t forgive him ever. But matters went out of hand when he caught me, and now I ask for his mercy.

Out of the blue, things changed, and I had to pack my bags. I did because I couldn’t deny my dad. Nandini Shrivastava was a surprise, and when I saw her, I remembered what we had shared.

She blames me for one oversight, but I will make many more. She tries to duel, but no one has won against me. But I want her to have one over me and realize I have fallen for her.

The What If Romance: Short Second Chance Rekindled Love Story


Meera Dhavan gets an invitation to attend her reunion, and she goes, hoping to enjoy her school days again. She doesn’t expect to see him there. Yet he is here, standing, looking all handsome and dashing.

Gautam Chauhan is living one day at a time, missing the love of his life. He never understood it was a crush or love or something more. But it all becomes clear when he sees her at the reunion.

Two best friends fall apart only to come face to face after ten years. Will this reunion offer a chance to mend their differences and get back together, or will it give them closure to find someone else?
Read this short story of what-ifs, love, and hope.

Claire’s Dashing Raj: Standalone College Romance One-sided love (Unscripted Love Series Book 4)


I am what life has driven me to be. Guilelessness is not part of my personality, and I know what I want in my future. It was all translucent until he came.

Raj ruined everything. He offered me new beginnings, but did I deserve it? I tried to keep my heart sealed, but Raj was tenacious.
He wanted me. Now he has me, but I have never seen a guy so thrilled to have me. Only time will tell if he can stay happy with me because none can.

I am reserved but content with my life. Acerbity is not part of my personality, and I only crave her to be part of my future. It was uncomplicated, one-sided love until she came.

Claire transformed everything. She played games, and I had to win. The prize was her, but I would lose her forever if I lost.
I won, and now I have her. I never understood what ecstasy meant, but holding her in my arms has given me a high I never want to cease. Only time will tell if I can forever be the front-runner in her life.

Note: This book can be read as a standalone.

A Touch From A Stranger


Yavi is all set to marry a man, not of her dreams. Life propelled her to take this step. But it all changes when a stranger touches her in the elevator and alters her life forever.
Now, she is not sure about anything. Life was sorted before he came, but now things were fuzzy and confusing.

Sushant is happy with how things are. But once he gets a piece of Yavi’s mind, everything alters. Now, he yearns for her, but she is engaged and getting married next month. He never lost before, and he won’t lose today until he feels her slipping through his fingers and he loses his cool.

Story of love, new beginnings, and hope.

My Soulmate: Strangers to Lovers Short story


Can dreams become real? Can your dream guy exist?

Mihika Singhal finds solace in her dreams, but she knows her reality is different. She tries to keep her dream world and reality in separate buckets, but fate has other plans.

Vihaan Kapoor leaves his settled life to find answers to the insanity that life has thrown his way. He cannot talk because no one would believe him. But the truth dangles, endangering his peace.

What happens when they meet? How do they cope with the truths beyond their understanding?
They are not two fortunate souls. But they are the souls that have fought and bruised to survive. Now, they have each other, but for how long?

This is a short story about a fantasy romance where soulmates exist.

I Confessed: Friends to Lovers Short Story


Vrushali Acharya is resilient and straightforward. Regardless of the situation, she speaks her mind, not caring how the world perceives her.

Siddharth Khurana is calm and ponders on his words before he speaks. He cares too much about what the world thinks of him.

What happens when two opposites meet?

Read this short story and sweet story to find out how their destinies intertwine.
Will Siddharth be able to handle Vrushali’s outgoing personality?
Will Vrushali be able to compose herself, to feel Siddharth’s emotions?

Crooked Love: Prequel Dark bully forbidden romance (Unconventional Love Book 2)


It has been my dream to work for Raichand Groups, but fate brings me on his path when I am unprepared and young.
Things change from day zero, and my life takes an unknown course. He guides, he demands, he directs. I am blindfolded throughout.

Kairav Raichand is called the silent wolf because he never howls. He charges, he decapitates, and he wins.
He chose me as his target, and that was it for me. I had no say in it. But did I want one?

My life isn’t mine anymore.
My days aren’t mine anymore.
My breaths aren’t mine anymore.

He says he is forbidden to me, yet he is the only one I get. He declares this is my destiny, and I have no freedom.
He doesn’t know I don’t want an escape. He thinks he rules me, but it is the other way around.

I control him with my little finger. This may be a delusion, but it’s mine to preserve.
Our story has too many impediments, and karma will catch up to even out the scales. But until that happens, we will break the rules and rise high. Because our love is untainted and pure.

Warning: This story speaks about a sensitive subject of an extra-marital affair. If you are a reader with certain triggers or sensitivities, please take heed of the warning.
This is a dark bully forbidden romance with a Dom/Sub theme.

The Everchanging Times: Indian Joint Family Arrange Marriage Romance (Arranged Marriage Book 4)


Pankh and Aman’s story continues.

Eight years with him went in a blur.
We are the drama couple of the house and take our position seriously.

Aman and I have gone through a ride called life and navigated through the highs and lows it presented. But life always has new challenges in store.

We are here, confronting something that questions our love and trust, but we have sailed through it before. It should be no different this time. But is it?
Will it be easy this time to overcome and surpass this phase?

Pankh is my better half, and each moment is a blessing with her.
Obstacles find their way, testing us most viciously. This time, it shakes us to the core, questioning our foundation. We had built a life together, but it didn’t take time for the fort to come tumbling down.

I learned something from this. Relationships need to be nurtured every moment.
Only she can save us. But will she?

Piyu: Standalone Second Chance Rekindled Childhood Lovers Romance (Maya Series Book 3)


I am embarking on my journey to earn her forgiveness, and I cannot contain my excitement. We had been together since second grade, and I knew she couldn’t resist me.

Piyu had years to forget my transgression, and now I will compel her to move on.
Sexy, strong, and stunning, she is the woman of my dreams, but now she will be my reality. We made a promise, and I intend to keep it.
Hold on, princess, I am coming.

I gear up for this transition in my life, but my heart aches for him. His presence made it all better, and I wished he was here with me.
God heard, and he swooped back into my life.

I don’t want this, but I cannot constrain my need for him. Rohit knows and will do whatever he needs to win me back, but he will lose.
Attractive, with a charming smile, he melted my heart once, but not again. We made a promise, but I want him to forget about it.

Back off, prince charming. Your time is long gone.

They Lived (Forever Love Book 3) 


Each day feels like a lifetime with him. Kishori feels he consumes her, but she wants to get consumed by his charisma and life.

Each day feels like paradise with her. Keshav feels she makes it all better, and he wants to suck into her kindness and life.

They have grown close, but togetherness matters more than love. Keshav wants her to depend on him, but how? He wants her to need him, but how?
Keshav sets things in motion, hoping the gamble would pay off, and she would be forever his.

They have grown close, but only time can make their relationship more profound. Kishori wants him to give her more time, but how? She wants him to understand her, but how?
Kishori gives in, walking his path, hoping he will accept her quandaries.

What happens when two people want the same thing but choose a different path?
Young love is naΓ―ve and unpolished, but will their love pass the test of time? Will they hold on to their feelings, or will they succumb to the pressure of the outside forces ready to push them apart?

It is the last installment of the story of Keshav and Kishori. The forever love series will continue with Abhijeet and Tanya’s story (My Maniac).

Note:- This is the continuation of the second book. Don’t forget to read the second book – They Loved before this.

Will you be my friend?: A dark romance (Brutal Lies – Dark Bully Romance)


We just joined Raheja college, and Sakshi and I already had each other. Meeting during the admission process, I couldn’t have been happier as I found her.
Then her eyes met Yash, and she fell head over heels.

We stayed hidden behind the bushes as she stared at him or huddled close in the canteen while they sat and laughed, staring from afar.
Suddenly, I saw him one day, and I craved his friendship.

It was innocent. We were innocent until we met them. Now we don’t know what will happen. They won’t leave us alone. But I will find a way out. I promised Sakshi, and I never backed down from my words. Chirag will have to learn to live without me.

She wanted to become my friend. Was she insane? Yet she dared to demand my friendship. I did better. I marked her as mine while Yash was already smitten by Sakshi. It was as if the angels had come bearing gifts. Now they were intimidated and frightened. They should be.

We weren’t what they thought we were, but it was too late for them. They were now bound to us. Niti will have to learn to live with me.

Note: This is a dark romance.

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