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Sexism and Feminism

Who are you? A sexist or a feminist?

Times are changing, things are moving, and a rapid acceleration of thoughts and views muddle the society. The times when things were distributed, making them simpler and easy to distinguish, are over. The patriarchy which the society had built is transformed and thus creating a confusing and chaotic environment. Why?
Why is it difficult to accept that things are no longer gender-biased and the typical stereotype has ended? Why is it hard to understand that the barriers have been broken? But wait a minute, the barriers were for who?
The hurdles were for the deprived human who couldn’t pursue a hobby because it didn’t come under the respective male or female domain. Privileged to know some excellent male chefs, should it be considered as a sexist for a male to cook? No, it shouldn’t. Likewise, females achieving new milestones daily in entrepreneurship or climbing the ladders of the corporate world shouldn’t be considered as sexist.
Sexism is assigning and assuming a certain job to be done by male or female, and in the inherent inequality between men and women.
Feminism is providing equal rights and opportunities to men and women. Men should earn more, as he has to support a family, or females shouldn’t work more hours as they have to manage a home. Another example, it shouldn’t be only men who have to pay all the bills, or men cannot be a homemaker. Also, females can handle outdoor jobs, a stressful environment, and busy schedules.
Times have changed, and we should adjust and alter according to the new tides. Embrace the new, embrace the transformation.

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