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The Everchanging Times (Arranged Marriage Book 4)

A small snippet on my Arranged Marriage Book 4 (The Everchanging Times)

I looked at her, biting the inside of my lip as she slept beside me. We had a wild night yesterday as the kids were at her mother’s place, and our bodies were on fire. Deprived would be more accurate.

She looked so peaceful. A word that had no place in our dictionary anymore. We had words like crazy, tired, and irritated, but not peaceful. I hadn’t heard her say the word since our life turned upside down a year ago.

But my beautiful Pankh took everything in her stride, accepting this recent change without burdening me with complaints. She amazed me every moment. Her presence made it all better.

We will celebrate our eighth anniversary this week, and I hope she loves my surprise. Eight years had flown by because she was by my side in the pleasant times and the worst. Now, we embark on this unknown journey, and it feels like I am experiencing everything again. The jitters, the excitement, and the dread.

Arranged Marriage
Arranged Marriage

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Book 5: The Story of Us (Coming Soon)

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