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Who is Arjun? Billionaire Possessive Alpha

Who is Arjun? Arjun’s Jenny: Billionaire Possessive Alpha Male Age-Gap Romance (Unscripted Love Series Book 1)

Who is Arjun Rajput?

A self-obsessed guy famously called addressed as Boss is a workaholic billionaire who knows nothing but to make himself billions. A broody stern personality, he is famous for his temper. His intense glare is enough to force everyone to do his bidding.

He hated the world, and it came out on his face.
But, out of the blue, he has to conduct a seminar on business planning. It’s a favor he has to return, and even though he hates every second of this, he visits the college on a morning through the masses of reporters eagerly awaiting a word from him. But they get none as he passes them without even a glance.

It must be a well-planned event by God, as this seminar transforms his life forever. An egomaniac who lived life on his terms suddenly has to change, adjust, and accommodate himself for someone, a sweet, docile girl who trembles in front of him. His hard, cold personality makes her knees wobble, but he doesn’t care. She is his. Only his.
Did Arjun change? Or did his tough character take away the only person who mattered to him?

Grab your copy now (click to read) to read the nerve-cracking journey, a rollercoaster ride of emotions and feelings.

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