You are currently viewing Rana’s Vivacious Girlfriend (Unscripted Love Series Book 3)

Rana’s Vivacious Girlfriend (Unscripted Love Series Book 3)

Rana’s Vivacious Girlfriend

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Rana was nothing without Radhika. Her loud, pompous nature and expressive face made him go crazy for her.
Radhika needed something stable, and Rana was the one with an abundance of patience and endurance. He showed her kindness, which made her heart stutter.

Do opposites really work? Or it is just a hoax?
Not all matches are made in heaven. Some are conceived on earth with the sins of dubiety, immaturity, and instability.

Meet Rana and Radhika as they take on a journey of love, passion, delusions, and unconditional devotion. 

What could Rana do to have a girl like Radhika forever? 
What could Radhika not do to have a guy like Rana forever? 

Note: This is the third book in the Unscripted Love series. It cannot be read as a standalone. All the stories intertwine together.

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[…] Book 3 – Rana’s Vivacious Girlfriend […]

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[…] Rana’s Vivacious Girlfriend (Unscripted Love Series Book 3) […]