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Not a Coincidental Encounter (Encounter Series Book 2)

Book 1 – A Coincidental Encounter

Geetika and Raghav’s story continues. Don’t forget to read book 1 of the series – A Coincidental Encounter.

Raghav has found Geetika. Their coincidental meetup is no longer serendipitous. Things change, unknown transformations happen, and Geetika is on a ride for new beginnings.

A few seconds with someone are enough to make a mark, and Geetika has made an unfathomable mark on Raghav’s life. Her charm and charismatic persona spellbind him. Her tough exterior melts his heart, and he is ecstatic to have her in his life.

Geetika is just busy making ends meet, and never in her wildest of dreams had she ever fantasized about a prince charming. Those dreams are for people who don’t have responsibilities, but Geetika has. She has her daughter to think about. What changes her mind and heart that she finally capitulates to her desire to be loved.

Read the book here.

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