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Priti’s Rendezvous with Somesh – Chapter 1

Priti’s Rendezvous with Somesh: Single Dad Second Chance Rekindled Romance (Unscripted Love Series Book 2)

“Priti, where have you got lost?”

I peered up from the table where I had been lounging down. We were at the café, but that didn’t stop me from slumbering around lazily, putting half of my weight on the table. I was so fucking tired. I hadn’t slept yesterday since the unforgettable encounter with Mr. Somesh Shah. 

“Hmm, you said something?” I replied eventually, stifling a yawn. I had heard Jen’s voice, but the words didn’t register as the insane, unreal, stupid thoughts of someone who didn’t even care, blocked my brain. 

I glanced around and saw people chatting, eating, and gossiping in full force. The voices mixed into one another and created a rumbling type effect. Burger Joint was a small place, but always overcrowded because of the cheap yet delicious food. I could hear a happy birthday song from one corner while plans recited for the upcoming vacation from the table beside us. Whereas we were quiet, and the blame goes to me. I didn’t expect Jen to take the reins and start chatting. She needed encouragement.

“Um, yes. Is something wrong?” Scrunching her nose in confusion, she tried to read my face.

“No,” I answered in a rush, my voice louder and chirpier than usual. She stared, unconvinced, even though Jenny wasn’t someone to point something to your face. She was yet to be broken in the human world. When we first met, I actually fell in love with her. If only I was a lesbian, I could easily convince her to stay with me forever. But here, my heart was infiltrated with the thoughts of someone who wanted nothing from me, absolute nada.

Damn, stop thinking about him now. Any moment now. Get a grip, Priti.

“You have been acting peculiar. I am sorry yesterday I couldn’t reach home on time and missed you. But you could have waited.” She whispered, her voice feeble. Shit, she was giving herself a hard time for something so stupid and irrational.

“I was getting late. You know how mom is, right?”

“Huh? Why would your mom have a problem with you waiting at my house?” Yes, my mom didn’t. But usually, parents had such problems, and I wasn’t able to cough up a better excuse. Should I tell her I was at her place when she arrived, but only half-naked, dazed, horny, and throbbing all over? 

“Forget it, Jen. Why are you arguing?” I responded instead because I knew it would mellow her down. She reacted to people’s comments rather seriously but failed to understand that it didn’t matter what the world thought. I tried to persuade her to open up, share things, and she had progressed exceptionally well. Nevertheless, arguing wasn’t one of her traits, and she avoided it at all costs.

“Sorry. I just think you are angry because I didn’t come home on time. There was a big queue at the check-out counter, and I had to stock the groceries. Bhai is back, and we need ready-to-eat packets.”

“Aren’t you going to Gujarat?” The first year had ended, and Jenny was going to Gujarat for the next two months’ summer vacation.

I wished dad would have also planned a Punjab trip to the beautiful and enchanting Amritsar. I had heard about the Golden Temple and longed to visit once and eat the delicious lunch at the Gurudwara. But he didn’t have a close relationship with his brothers. They felt he was making it big in the city and left them to fend on the crumbs. But the truth was totally the reverse. They stayed in big houses with spacious lawns, an open terrace, and extensive green farms that grew organic vegetables, whereas we stayed at a two-bedroom apartment. Because of our studies and extensive late nights, Nihal and I had taken up both the bedrooms, and my parents had to adjust in the living room. They didn’t want us to compromise in any way.

Dad was still paying the loan he had taken while buying the flat. Another one will start soon. Shit, I wished I could help them, but dad wanted me to concentrate on my studies. He had applied for a loan of twenty-five lakhs, so I could go overseas for higher education. I should be grateful for how things had ended with Somesh because my life was planned, and it didn’t have any place for a serious boyfriend. 

“I am, but I need to stock up for Bhai.” Yes, he couldn’t do his own work, always making Jenny slog for both of them. I glanced at her. Her eyes were so innocent, and right now, they were brimmed with concern that I might be angry at her. Oh, Jen, where have you come from?

“Hmm, no issues. Okay, tell me about Somesh.” Damn, that was a wrong move.

“What!” I ignored her startled tone and waited for something, some information from her, even anything stupid like Somesh’s snores were like a helicopter’s roar. It would be something in common with dad. But she didn’t utter a word, and I had to ask my next question.

“Does he have a girlfriend?” I kept my tone casual, laid-back as if asking her what she had for today’s lunch, but the hands below the table, bowled in a fist, articulated a different story. I blinked when she tilted her head quizzically, contemplating if I had gone mad. She was used to Claire flirting with Somesh, but not me. I held my breath and her gaze. She needed to understand that I expected an answer.

“No, as far as I know. Why?” 

“Just asking.” I dismissed, all of a sudden my body relaxing which was ludicrous. Sometimes, your mind and body have a life of their own, and you just need to accept that.

“Oh, okay.” Jen turned quiet and resumed eating her burger. I glanced around and found the place completely full. Just as I kept my bag on an empty chair, a guy came, requesting if he could take the vacant chair. I shook my head. Sorry, you don’t give me jitters, I thought lazily. He cursed and sauntered off but I just laughed. This chair was for Claire and she should have been here an hour back.

I know I had been acting weird, but shit, I was going frantic. What if Jen had caught us yesterday? I couldn’t ever face her in those circumstances, and Somesh had acted as if I was a whore. Shit, why did he react so bizarre when Jen came onto us? We had dressed up quickly, just in the nick of time as Jen opened the door. He hid me in his room, throwing me out as soon as Jen had closed the door of her room. 

I had glared at him, but he didn’t even look at me, already closing-off, and the cool, not interested look clouded his face. Within seconds, I saw myself in front of a complete stranger. What was his problem? I was twenty, not some underage he was afraid of. So what if he was twenty-five? Damn, he didn’t want to date a girl as young as me, but that didn’t stop the pervert from making out with me. Deciding to never speak to him again, I took a big bite of my burger. Um, I couldn’t stop my moan. It was delicious.

“Okay, look. You aren’t angry at me, right? I will never do it again.”

“Jen, no. Are you serious? Why would I be angry at you? You are a sweetheart.”

“Okay.” She sighed and continued. “Bhai lost his temper yesterday. He does that very rarely, but he got annoyed at me for not calling you. I was shopping and didn’t check the time.”

“No. It’s okay. I am not angry. You should have given Somesh some of his anger back. Why wasn’t he with you out shopping? Asking you to do the chores and then getting mad.”

“Chill. He had just come from his long trip. You know, I can’t wait to go home and come back for the second year.” She changed the subject, and I sighed.

“Only you could say that, Jen baby.”

“But I am still not as good at studies as you are.”

“So? You are good enough, and that’s okay.”

“Hmm, Claire is late.” Jen pointed to her watch. Yes, she was.

“That ass needs to learn a lesson.” I nodded for effect. 

“You are talking like Claire,” Jen mused, a slow smile spreading across her face. She had a piece of French fries in her hand, and she rolled in between her fingers, her mind on my words. I snatched the fry from her hand and popped it into my mouth. I chewed before I answered her.

“Yes. She is having a bad effect on us. Maybe we should boycott her.” I was just babbling as my mind was still on that hulk who had overpowered my capability to think.

“Who are you both going to boycott?” Claire breezed in out of nowhere, blew her gum on our face, creating a balloon, and later breaking it with her teeth. Yikes.

“You.” I grimaced as she did it again, laughing and enjoying as she made us uncomfortable.

“No, no. Priti is kidding. Should I get a burger for you?” Jen, ever ready to save the situation, piped in.

“No, she will get her own. She will also treat us with a soda because she is late.” I stated, pointing to my watch and presenting Claire one of my meanest smiles. She huffed but didn’t argue and walked back to the counter.

“Why are you bugging her?”

“Because it’s fun, dear.” She gave a nervous laugh and was about to say something when her phone rang. She was so naïve. It felt as if her family had kept her in a glass box, away from the cruelty called life. Whereas I had just punched my brother in the morning because he ate away my favorite chocolate cereal. Claire was a big mouth but harmless, whereas I enjoyed throwing a punch or two. And right now, I wanted to teach Mr. Somesh a lesson. I gave a tired sigh. Jen wouldn’t like it, and somehow, I never wished to hurt her. She was the best thing that happened to me, and I lived through her innocence.

Jen spoke to her mom for a few minutes while I waited for Claire. She was standing in a queue and already chatting with people around her. She didn’t understand the difference between strangers and friends. For her, we all came in the same bucket–don’t care. Recently she had grown close to us, but it was always hot and cold. One minute she wanted to share her problems, and the next minute she wanted us to mind our own damn business. We knew she had troubles at home and often crashed at Jen’s place, but she had never really told us what her problems were. 

“Here, coke is fine?” She dumped the tray, and some of the soda fell outside. I narrowed my eyes, but she just stuck out her tongue at me.

“It’s awesome, thanks, Claire.” I blinked innocently, and she snorted. Yes, only Claire could pull a snort and still manage to look her sexy self.

“Thanks,” Jen whispered, taking a sip. 

“So you are getting snacks for us from home?” Claire never forgot Jen’s Ahmedabad trip. It was like a treat for her, and to a certain extent, me.

“Yes, I will get.” Jen didn’t look up from her glass.

“Two months are too long. I have to survive at my own place.” Claire grumbled.

“Claire, you can still crash in my room if you want.”

“No. I don’t want to make the cutie uncomfortable. I will manage.”

“Hmm, he was asking me about you on our way here.”

What the hell. “Somesh dropped you here?” I snapped before Claire could make fun of him.

“Yes…” Jen’s voice faltered at my sharp tone.

“And he didn’t even come inside.” 

“He was going out with his friends, so he just dropped me outside.” She frowned, trying to understand where I was going.

Such a jerk. Damn, why his thoughts ran nonstop in my head, his sucker but handsome face dangling in front of me like some creepy skeleton? I needed to find another boyfriend, Ajay won’t do. But no one was as good enough as him. His gray eyes, solid muscles were absolute perfection. Yesterday, he had taken me in his arms, pulled me up in the air, and kissed my belly button as if I weighed just a feather. And I wasn’t a lightweight. Even while on a strict diet and not eating mom’s famous Punjabi dishes, I was still heavy. Mom said it’s the Punjabi weight. We have to be strong as we saved the world. I didn’t have the energy to argue or cross-question her on her strange comment, so I let it go. Finally, I consulted a dietician who concluded what mom said but in medical terms. My bone mass weighed more than standard.

I rubbed my hands on my face yet, I could see him clearly, hear his throaty masculine chuckle as I withered beneath his touch. No one had kissed me with such passion yet softness. I was about to lose my V-card to an experienced man but, Jen materialized out of nowhere, breaking the connection. And Mr. I love your tits, had a three-sixty-degree personality turnaround.

Oh shit. Sorry, Priti. You are too young. Damn it, leave. No, wait. Jen should never know about us. Understood. 

I didn’t get easily scared, but his unrelenting, biting tone automatically made me nod. Pulling me aggressively, he locked me in his room when Jen came. I had heard their sweet small talk where Somesh tried to persuade her to go inside and change. She had asked about me again, but he had discarded the conversation as if I was no one. Jen wanted to call me, but Somesh grabbed her phone, ordering her to go into her room. If it had been me in her place, I would have known he had a girl hidden in his closet. No one acted so bloody weird otherwise. But it was Jen. Sweetheart didn’t understand these things and dutifully went to her room.

Somesh clutched my hand and moved swiftly towards the door. I had shaken him off and left without a word at his scowling back. I hated him at that moment. What we had was good, but Somesh saw me as a teenager that I wasn’t. The entire last year, I had drooled over him as he often visited the college with Jen. But my first chance with him was ruined, and I was left hanging and horny, scarred for any other man.

“Priti, where have you got lost? Your soda is turning into water. I am not going to get you another one.”

“Chill, Claire. I am not even interested in drinking that. Too many calories.” Her mouth hung open, and I threw a piece of French fries at her face. Wow, my aim was perfect. It directly went to her mouth, and she started chewing, blowing me a kiss. I rolled my eyes but laughed.

“You bloody wasted my forty rupees.” She finally commented, grabbing my plate towards her. I noticed she hadn’t ordered anything for herself. Oh shit, I felt like a real bitch now. Did Claire even have money to buy food? Damn, had I used her dinner money on soda?

“Hmm. That’s the fine for being late. Give me two minutes. I need to order something.”

“Who will have this food which you have already ordered?”

“Um, I am getting a burger for you, so you don’t need to eat my half. Rest all you can finish.”

“Wasn’t today your cheat day or whatever that shit is?”

“Yes, it was. But I am not feeling like eating anything. Why you got late?” I hovered near the table, waiting for her answer, which I knew I wasn’t going to get.

“Oh, God. I had something at home and got stuck. Will you chill, please?”

“Claire, any problem. You want to come with me tonight?” Jen was alert within a second.

“We should all have a night out.” I declared and strode towards the counter.

I paid for Claire’s cheeseburger and three chocolate pastries before returning to the table. Claire dug in as soon as I kept the tray down without a note of thanks. That’s what I loved about her. She wasn’t someone to waste time on formalities or ashamed that she had to rely on someone else to pay for her dinner.

“Yes, let’s do it. This weekend?” I continued the conversation as I dug my spoon into the pastry.

“Um, yes. Bhai is leaving for Bangalore on Friday until Sunday. Let’s make it a long weekend as Monday I have my flight for Ahmedabad.”

“Yes, that would be awesome.” I so wanted to sit on the couch where Somesh had hauled me and kissed me senseless. His moves were practiced, unlike Ajay, who didn’t know what he was doing. He was sloppy, gave me all his salvia, but still didn’t know how to kiss. I grimaced at the thought that I still needed to break-up with him. That had to be done at least with two feet distance. I couldn’t bear another of his–eat Priti’s face for breakfast kiss. Yikes.

“I need to break-up with Ajay tomorrow,” I announced solemnly.

“Wow. How long did he last?”

Claire questioned, unperturbed as if I broke up every day.

Was it true?

The irrational, unbelievable truth was, Somesh had insanely captivated me the moment I had seen him. I had met him when the induction session concluded, my first day in college and he stood waiting for his baby sister. He had come to pick her up. Wearing sunglasses and leaning against his car with his sunny face, he looked cute and perfect.

Damn, that was so sweet. Being an elder sister, I had never really seen a big bro’s love, but the way he fussed over Jenny made my heart melt.

I wanted him, craved his touch, but he didn’t even spare a glance in my direction. He was in a hurry, so Jen had just waved while he had already turned and sat in the car. Jen had mumbled about a meeting, and I had given her a tight smile, my eyes fixed on him. That day, I had started with my dieting, and now I got the results.

Somesh wasn’t able to look at me without outright staring with an insatiable hunger in his eyes. I had lost all my Punjabi weight, had colored my hair, and looked bomb as per Claire.

“Two months,” Jen answered Claire. Huh. Oh, shit. Had I been with Ajay for two long months? I grimaced.

“Not bad, Priti.” I pulled up the invisible collar of my tee, and Claire threw in an amused chuckle.

“Oh, my God. How can you break-up again?” Jenny shrieked.

“Chill yaar. I am not looking for anything serious.” Jen’s eyes widened, but she kept her thoughts to herself.

“You are talking to that guy next year. Without fail.” Claire spoke to Jen with authority as if she was her warden.

“What guy?” Jen’s alert-nervous tone made me smile. I shook my head at Claire.

“That guy who sits and stares at you in the canteen.” She continued, ignoring me. She had finished her burger, my half burger, and now was chewing the fries as if she had skipped lunch. I felt a pang of sadness, as it might actually be true.

“Oh, no. I am not going to talk to him.”


Before Claire started with her Claire-thing to make everyone’s life a living hell, I cut her off. “Leave her alone.” I snapped. Claire looked at me, her eyes narrowed, but I shook my head. Sometimes she came too hard at Jen, not even realizing until it’s too late. I was the mediator of the group, and I took my role rather seriously.

“I don’t even know if I can get a boyfriend in my life,” Jen mumbled into her hands.

“You can. You are a sweet, smart, beautiful young woman. Nothing can hold you back other than you.” Claire’s confident tone brought a spark in her eyes, but within a second, it evaporated. I just hoped whoever she got in her life would not kill her innocence, her sweet, and naïve nature.

“Whatever.” She dismissed it as if it was all a bluff. I wanted to back Claire on this, but I needed to be on her side, or else Claire would force her to get a boyfriend from this burger joint itself.

“Stop bugging her. Let’s discuss the pajama party. Claire, you are in charge of the snacks. I will get the dresses. We will dress up and do a photoshoot.”

“Yes, wow. We will make Jen wear that black dress of yours.”

“Yes,” I high-fived her. 

“Why can’t you guys leave me alone in my tee and jeans?”

“Because you have such a sexy, die for figure, and it will be just us.”

She sighed. “Okay.” Giving us a shoulder shrug, she got back to her burger. 

We talked for hours. Our evening snack, turning into dinner. Jen announced Somesh was coming to pick her up, and my breathing hitched. I hated that sucker but couldn’t resist one look of that devil-hulk.

We all got up when his call came. I tried to look uninterested but was the first one to get through the glass doors. He stood, leaning against the car, his eyes glued on his mobile. I cleared my throat, and his eyes shot up to meet mine.

“Hey,” he started, his eyes marking my every movement, tentative yet shrewd. I flipped my hair and stood in front of him. He muttered under his breath that I deliberately ignored.

“Hey back.” I breathed in his ear, leaning close to him.

He moved his head away and gritted. “Where is Jen?”

“Oh, you know how she is. She cannot keep the waste on the table.”

“Look, just forget whatever happened between us. It was the heat of the moment, and I lost control. It won’t happen again.”

I laughed because I didn’t want him to know how much his words stung. “You are still onto that. Chill man, It’s all forgotten. But do me a favor. Never talk to me again,” I stamped on his foot and enjoyed when I heard his shriek.

“Are you crazy?” he howled while nursing his foot.

“No, that title is for Claire. I am the negotiator. Sharp plus soft.”

“You are a maniac.” He was still wincing while I walked away.

“Tell Jen I left,” I shouted without turning.

“What about Claire?”

“She is crashing at your place.”

“Oh, God. Again?” 

I was already a few feet away, but I turned. “Why? Cannot keep your dick in your pants?”

“Language, Priti. Claire bickers, and am already having a headache.”

“Enjoy, hulk.” He had a lean body, so I was absolutely clueless why my heart called him a hulk. But the way his arms grabbed my body with ease, he for sure was my hulk.

“I will, spitfire.”

Unable to stop, I turned and gave him one of my genuine smiles. I loved when he called me that.

My giddiness knew no bounds when he also gave me one of his rarest smiles. Damn, I was so ruined for the rest of the male population. It was a good thing that I wasn’t interested in boyfriends, marriage, and shit. I had a career to plan, a life to make, and my complete focus was on that.

I wanted to give my dad a break from all the overtime he was putting, and I needed to study for that. Mom would say, be your age Priti, a time gone never comes back, but I won’t let my dad repay my loans. I had to do it, and for that, I had to come on top and get my first job at a high-pay bracket. I had to fulfill my parents’ dreams and also save up for my little brother’s studies. Nihal wanted to become a pilot, and that wasn’t going to be cheap. Yes, I cannot get sidetracked. Boys will come and go, but family stays forever.

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Loved this. Excited to read about Priti and Somesh. Will they meet? Will they get their happily ever after.