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The Chase – Read the Blurb

The Chase – Read the blurb

I am in a happy place right now. At least after whatever I have seen, my life seems pretty settled now. But only until he came.
Aayansh Ahluwalia. He likes to chase things or people until he gets them where he wants. I came into his vicinity, and now I run for cover. He won’t get me, not today, not tomorrow. I know how to dodge a bullet, but he is just a guy. I will show him what failure looks like. He will stop chasing once he loses.

Nothing is ever out of bounds. Sometimes you need to use different strategies to get what you want. Bend a little, break a little, press the right buttons, and you have it. It’s yours if you have patience and resilience.
Tisha Chopra. She is a beauty with brains, an odd combination, but I have met intelligent bombshells before. Her mistake was that she tried to run. Now, no place in the world will keep her away from me. Wherever she goes, she will find me in front of her. Failure is not in my dictionary, nor are relationships. I only like the chase.

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Ms. Bhatia
Ms. Bhatia
1 year ago

This sounds intriguing…the chase would be so much fun

Harry Garciawitz
Harry Garciawitz
1 year ago


1 year ago

Intrigued. Waiting for the book 😍😍