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The Chase – Chapter 1

The Chase – Chapter 1. Thank you for choosing to read this book. You can read the blurb here.

“Babes, get ready,” I announced as I brushed my hair. I winced, feeling a slight pain as the brush pulled my hair, getting stuck in my knots.

Lesson learned. Never sleep without brushing your hair. I took a shower, washed, and conditioned my hair but slept without combing it. Now, it was a battle not worth fighting.

The knots had made their abode in my hair, and I will lose the battle. Either I let the knots be where they are, stubborn and permanent. Or I give away half of my hair as I mercilessly raked the brush through my hair.

I tilted my head to see if my words had made a difference, but they hadn’t. My roommate and best friend, Aisha, stayed on the bed, inclined, with two pillows under her head as she browsed through the latest social gossip on her phone. She had her own bedroom. But most of the time, she took refuge in my room. And because I hated staying alone, I never complained. There were days when we slept in the same bed, snuggling.

Who needs men for that when you have best friends? Not us.

“Aisha baby, get ready.”

Again, no answer. I huffed and saw Aisha shifting a bit, but she made no move to get up.

“Are you sure you want me to tag along?” She asked without looking up as if she had sensed my stare. She was psychic, no doubt about that.

“Yes, positive.” I declared and turned back towards the mirror. Pulling another gruesome stroke, I finally untangled my hair and relished a few more strokes. This time nothing obstructed the brush from moving through my hair. It went freely until the end.

I flicked my hair, and my long hair fell in waves. Very few were lucky to get natural straight hair, and I was one of them. But the world didn’t know that managing these tresses was high maintenance. I flicked once more, enjoying my few minutes of triumph until the next time, I had to repeat the same process.

I spun, happy with my work, and met Aisha’s amused face. She tilted her head as she stared at me, through me, smirking at me.

I stuck out my tongue, and she sighed, shaking her head.

“What?” I asked, defensive.

“You are insanely protective and in love with your hair. It’s not fair.”

“Whatever. You love your butt, and I love my hair. What are you still doing in bed? We cannot be late.”

Aisha sighed and opened her mouth to speak but closed it a second later without uttering a word. I narrowed my eyes, and she again let out a sigh. “Tish, I am not sure I should tag along. I mean, it’s your work party, and I don’t want to intrude. I will make a fool of us. You know I am no good for these high-end parties.” She perched up sideways, supporting her body with her left hand.

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Ms. Bhatia
Ms. Bhatia
11 months ago

Tisha and Aisha are perfect besties who seem to have each others back. The confusion that it comes with regarding her dismantled family. The chapter was perfect

Ms. Bhatia
Ms. Bhatia
11 months ago

This is pretty tricky

11 months ago

Loved the chapter 1 and the bond Tisha and Aisha shares. Excited to see how the party scene goes and the entry of the male protagonist, Aayansh Ahluwalia 💗 😍
Absolutely enjoyed the conversation between mother and daughter. Curious to know about Tisha’s secrets.
Overall loved the first chapter 🤩

Last edited 11 months ago by Payal
Harry Garciawitz
Harry Garciawitz
Reply to  Sneha
11 months ago