You are currently viewing The Chase: A Dark Billionaire Romance (Scintilla Series)

The Chase: A Dark Billionaire Romance (Scintilla Series)

A Dark Billionaire Romance is the first phase of the 4 part series (Scintilla Series).

  1. The Chase
  2. The Possession
  3. The Submission
  4. The Reward

I am in a happy place right now. At least after whatever I have seen, my life seems pretty settled now. But only until he came.
Aayansh Ahluwalia. He likes to chase things or people until he gets them where he wants. I came into his vicinity, and now I run for cover. He won’t get me, not today, not tomorrow. I know how to dodge a bullet, but he is just a guy. I will show him what failure looks like. He will stop chasing once he loses.

Nothing is ever out of bounds. Sometimes you need to use different strategies to get what you want. Bend a little, break a little, press the right buttons, and you have it. It’s yours if you have patience and resilience.
Tisha Chopra. She is a beauty with brains, an odd combination, but I have met intelligent bombshells before. Her mistake was that she tried to run. Now, no place in the world will keep her away from me. Wherever she goes, she will find me in front of her. Failure is not in my dictionary, nor are relationships. I only like the chase.

The Chase, a dark billionaire romance, is divided into 5 installments

Link to the Installment 1

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It has been my dream to work for Raichand Groups, but fate brings me on his path when I am unprepared and young.
Things change from day zero, and my life takes an unknown course. He guides, he demands, he directs. I am blindfolded throughout.
Kairav Raichand is called the silent wolf because he never howls. He charges, he decapitates, and he wins.
He chose me as his target, and that was it for me. I had no say in it. But did I want one?
My life isn’t mine anymore.
My days aren’t mine anymore.
My breaths aren’t mine anymore.
He says he is forbidden to me, yet he is the only one I get. He declares this is my destiny, and I have no freedom.
He doesn’t know I don’t want an escape. He thinks he rules me, but it is the other way around.
I control him with my little finger. This may be a delusion, but it’s mine to preserve.
Our story has too many impediments, and karma will catch up to even out the scales. But until that happens, we will break the rules and rise high. Because our love is untainted and pure.
Warning: This story speaks about the sensitive subject of an extra-marital affair. If you are a reader with certain triggers or sensitivities, please take heed of the warning.
This is a dark, bully, forbidden romance with a Dom/Sub theme.

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