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The Chase – Chapter 2

The Chase – Chapter 2

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It took us three hours to reach the party venue, which was the host’s house as well. I hadn’t told Aisha whose party we were going to. She would have undoubtedly fainted, and I wanted to reach here before the hiccups started.

Hiccups were routine for us but not so early. And not to forget, today I was on a mission.

Whispers had been going that Mr. Aayansh Ahluwalia had finally opened his doors for us, the peasants. He hadn’t let anyone enter his paradise, which was also his mansion’s name. He had another house in the city that he used for throwing parties.

Aayansh had an eighteen-floor building to his name, his company headquarters. Just beside that, he had a small bungalow where he entertained his one-night stands and others. But this paradise was only for him. He stayed alone with a bunch of helpers, but no one else had seen the insides.

The staff had signed the NDA. They wouldn’t dare reveal any secret. I had heard he kept his staff well-fed, and they were loyal to him. Monika, my journalist friend, shared tales of how his boss had tried to buy one of his staff, but nothing worked. Bets ran on about who would splash the first photos on the internet of his house, but until now, no one had succeeded.

I am sure we would have to ditch our phones before entering. Even if not, I won’t take pics. I valued privacy and respected those who wanted it. Nothing wrong in keeping things to yourself and letting the world contemplate.

I smiled, finding the big iron gates at least fourteen feet long. No one could see the insides, but that was the plan. Well, he accomplished it!

“Intricate golden design iron gates is just wow! But we cannot see anything from here. Normally gates have a peek-through, but this doesn’t. Why?”

“Yep, welcome to Mr. A’s world.”

“Oh, my God. Whose house is this? Who is this A?” Aisha asked, bouncing in her seat.

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