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Our Secret Romance: A Billionaire Romance

Our Secret Romance – Blurb

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My life is calm and sorted, and I relish my blissful comfort zone. But life is never stable, and so happened to me. He came.

The hot and irresistible Rajat Bhattacharya moved from London to follow his legacy and take over the CEO’s position. He goofed up. Rajat didn’t remember me, and I won’t forgive him ever. But matters went out of hand when he caught me, and now I ask for his mercy.

Out of the blue, things changed, and I had to pack my bags. I did because I couldn’t deny my dad. Nandini Shrivastava was a surprise, and when I saw her, I remembered what we had shared. She blames me for one oversight, but I will make many more.

She tries to duel, but no one has won against me. But I want her to have one over me and realize I have fallen for her.

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Ms. Bhatia
Ms. Bhatia
1 year ago

Sounds interesting…seems like something spicy coming up