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The Trapped Butterfly

The Trapped Butterfly

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Happiness comes first. Pride second, hope third, and survival the last. But when life throws you under the bus, the chakra reverses.
Survival becomes a moot point. You survive. You win the battle because not all fights have a winning prize. Some are just a silent sigh of a day passed without hiccups.
Aarvi Sharma, never in her worst nightmare, considered she would be with someone like Mohnish, but he wasn’t just in her life. He had captivated her soul, and daily he leeched on her happiness.
Aakash Duman, damaged because of Mohnish’s actions, vowed to teach the man a lesson of a lifetime but what he hadn’t expected seeing her in his arms.
What comes next is a story of survival and hope. This is not a pleasant story. It’s a story that talks about abuse with a positive outcome.

Note: This story speaks about physical and mental abuse. If you are a reader with certain triggers or sensitivities, please take heed of the warning.

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