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The Surprises in Store (Arranged Marriage Book 3)

The Surprises in Store: Indian Joint family Arranged Marriage Romance Kindle Edition

Book 1 – The First Meet (read it now)

Book 2 – The Life Together (read it now)

Book 4 – The Everchanging Times (read it now)

Pankh and Aman’s story continues. Don’t forget to read the previous parts.
Their journey of togetherness reaches a new milestone as they face life and time together. What does time offer them? Is it all roses and no thorns or the opposite?

Life is enchanting, and fascinating even when surrounded by thorns if you have your better half with you. The other half of your soul, your soulmate, has the power to determine the path.
Pankh is ecstatic to return to India, and Aman can’t wait to add a new chapter to their life. But is it that easy?

Every transformation has a payment. Are you ready to pay your share?
To get something, you need to leave something. That’s the mantra of karma. For happiness, you need to leave your comfort zone. For love, you need to leave your ego, and for life, you need to leave your den.

Can Pankh let go of her inhibitions, her uncertainties, and her fears?
Can Aman be the pillar of strength, and constant stability that Pankh lacks?

Let us see how Pankh and Aman embark on a journey that transforms their lives forever. A transition that has the power to change your life forever, but are you ready?

Note – This book is a part of the series and cannot be read as a standalone. Read Now

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