You are currently viewing Maya & Shekhar – Second Chance Romance (Maya Series Book 2)

Maya & Shekhar – Second Chance Romance (Maya Series Book 2)

Maya & Shekhar: Second chance Older woman/Younger man Romance (Maya Series Book 2)

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Maya and Shekhar’s story continues. Don’t forget to read book 1 of the series—Maya: The Force of Nature.
Maya takes the plunge and consents to wear the wedding ring again. The life journey she thought of maneuvering alone now has a partner, someone called a life partner.

Her smile reaches her eyes, her giddiness knows no bounds, and her racing heartbeats are a norm now. She has never been happier. Shekhar is perfect. Her life is perfect, but only if that’s possible. It isn’t. Life is a roller-coaster ride with unpredictable twists and turns.
Once the fog settles, the harsh truths are revealed.
Their ride takes an irreversible turn that alters everything. Maya tries to sail through, hoping it would not destroy the foundations she has worked hard to build over the years.

Shekhar, who has stood by Maya through every turmoil, finds himself at the opposite end. Now, only Maya can save them, but will she?
Will life’s hiccups destroy them, or will they strengthen them?
Read the second installment of the Maya Series.
Note – This is continuation series and cannot be read as a standalone.

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