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A blessing in Disguise

We all have that one person who helps us in our most testing times and who stays with us throughout. Do you have such a person in your life? Not several, but only one is enough to arrive as an angel to help you out.
A party invitation but no one to go with, a job interview but no one to help with the interview preparations, your own wedding but no one to plan the bachelors or sprinters party. Sometimes, you are at your lowest emotional level and need a shoulder to cry or a mature person to shed some significant and crucial light on the positivity and hopeful future. It is that important person who has the power to bring you back to life with a bang.

Also, some incidents which come out as problems are sometimes a blessing in disguise. You may not understand it at that time, but when the time is right, it all comes out crystal clear, and finally, you understand the reason and how it has helped you and your life.

We all need that one blessing in disguise. Who is yours?

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