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Miss you Nani

My Grandmother (Nani) left me during this pandemic, and I miss her terribly. She had been a strong woman whose command was heard and acted on. She had the power and experience to guide us.
While being a strong woman, she was also a grandmother who always tried to force-feed me. While I loved it, I didn’t honor her request often. Now, I miss our continuous bantering when she offered me different snacks whenever I visited her.
Should I feel fortunate that I didn’t lose her to COVID. Yes, I am. I am content that I could see her for the last time, see her off, take her blessings for one last time and pray for her soul to rest in peace. I have seen my friends losing their close ones to corona and not able to do the last rites. I cannot imagine the plight of those who are unable to have closure and pray for their souls to rest in peace and give strength to the family t overcome the loss.
Thank you, God, for giving us the last chance to see her. I miss you, Nani. I will always miss you.
Love you, always.

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