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A Touch From a Stranger – Know Sushant


A Touch From a Stranger – Know Sushant:

I accepted I was different. People looked and behaved differently in my company. In some, I saw pity, and in some, I saw pride. Pity because they pitied me and my condition and pridefulness because they weren’t like me. They were without any malfunction, as I like to say.
It bothered me at first. I would be heartless if the world’s reactions didn’t bother me. But over time, I saw how much people hurt others with their bitter words, and my ma would say, you are better off it.
Life was content but not fulfilled because I wanted someone with me, someone who loved me. My eyes kept searching for that person who would accept me, love me, hold me, and feel happiness.
Meeting her was sudden, and I wasn’t prepared for it. I wish I got more time to prepare myself. I would have made a better impression. But I didn’t. Yavi. Even her name was unique and beautiful. She slipped away through my fingers. It hurt because she was real.
Then she returned, and my happiness knew no bounds. Life is magical when you have someone pure with you.
Yavi had a truckload of apprehensions and fought a battle in her mind and heart. In the end, her heart won, and we got our new beginnings.
Read my short story – A Touch From a Stranger. Believe me, sometimes only that is enough. Click to read the book.

Yavi is all set to marry a man, not of her dreams. Life propelled her to take this step. But it all changes when a stranger touches her in the elevator and alters her life forever.
Now, she is not sure about anything. Life was sorted before he came, but now things were fuzzy and confusing.
Sushant is happy with how things are. But once he gets a piece of Yavi’s mind, everything alters. Now, he yearns for her, but she is engaged and getting married next month. He never lost before, and he won’t lose today until he feels her slipping through his fingers and he loses his cool.
Story of love, new beginnings, and hope.

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