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A Touch From a Stranger – Know Yavi:

I always tried to please my dad, which, in fact, wasn’t a cakewalk. Over the years, I repeatedly failed, and it hit my confidence. I became a shell, only trying to gain his approval that never came.
I had no one with me. Not even my mother, because she was a faithful wife who never went against her husband’s wishes.
My engagement was bogus because I hated Mayank and his personality. But I was marrying him to please my dad, hoping he would finally look at me with pride and love. But I was wrong. No one could please my father, and how could I get anything different?
Then I met him. A life within a life, a cheerful soul, that fate had cursed with silence, but he didn’t let it drown him. Sushant. He was the guy who transformed my life within moments I met him.
I resisted him, knowing I couldn’t have him. But he was persistent, and that led to our new beginnings. He smiled a lot, and he never gave up.
Being in his arms as I gazed toward the sky, I felt peace, which was altogether new to me.
Spending time with his mom showed me what mothers are and should be. I wish I could have a mother like her. She wasn’t only strong but a fierce warrior fighting the world for his son. And he won.
Read my short story – A Touch From a Stranger. Believe me, sometimes only that is enough. Click to read the book.

Yavi is all set to marry a man, not of her dreams. Life propelled her to take this step. But it all changes when a stranger touches her in the elevator and alters her life forever.
Now, she is not sure about anything. Life was sorted before he came, but now things were fuzzy and confusing.
Sushant is happy with how things are. But once he gets a piece of Yavi’s mind, everything alters. Now, he yearns for her, but she is engaged and getting married next month. He never lost before, and he won’t lose today until he feels her slipping through his fingers and he loses his cool.
Story of love, new beginnings, and hope.

Photo credit: Image by senivpetro on Freepik

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