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I wish I could change some things

I wish I could change some things.

Time machines would be an invention desperately needed by all of us.

At some point in our life, we have occurred instances we regret.

An awful day, an unbearable month, or an unlucky year we would love to alter or undo.

Regret eats you away from the inside, but can you let go of things no longer under your control? Can you accept and let bygones be bygones?

For instance, the past is never in your control, but we spend most of our time mulling over things we already did.

It is essential to learn from past experiences so you can avoid making the same mistakes and create a better future, but it is not productive to dwell on the past.

What if I hadn’t done that?

What if I had listened to my mother?

What if I had taken the leap of faith?

What if I stayed quiet?

The questions are endless and free, so we keep asking ourselves questions that wouldn’t change our present. It wouldn’t make even an ounce of difference, at least not for the better.

For worse, it would. The sleepless nights, the constant worry, and you would lose trust in yourself, the ultimate and worrisome factor for all.

Believe me! You don’t want that. Losing confidence in the world can be curable, but losing trust in yourself is difficult to heal.

It takes a lot of time and pampering to heal yourself, but because you regret your actions, you don’t give yourself the much-needed pampering.

Instead, you blame yourself, self-loathe, and stop trusting your decisions.

The world takes over, and you no longer have control over yourself. You do what others ask you to do. You laugh when the world permits or smile when the world is happy.

You weep when the world criticizes you for the actions they asked you to take. Because you have no control over yourself, you don’t understand what is happening to you and why.

A terrifying ordeal! But because we don’t trust ourselves, we have to trust others. You are nothing but a puppet, and the world takes the reins of your life.

How do you overcome this?

Shut yourself from the world and meditate. The answers always lie inside you and not outside, so stop searching for hope and happiness outside you. It will work. It may take time, but it will work.

Give yourself time to fix yourself. Mistakes are bound to happen. You aren’t perfect. Not yesterday, not today, and not tomorrow. You will never be perfect.

Spend time with yourself.

Have you ever gone to a theater and watched a movie alone?

Have you gone to a restaurant and eaten alone?

Have you roamed the streets alone?

Spending time with yourself does not mean you are alone, but it means you respect yourself enough to enjoy your company.

Do you respect yourself?

Will you let yourself heal from the regrets of your past actions?

Friends and family are an integral part of our lives. They give us moments, but they shouldn’t be a replacement because you have lost confidence in yourself. No, they should be part of your journey where you motivate yourself and them.

The world cannot take your place. No one can.

Stop regretting or wishing to change things that have already happened. Love yourself.

So what if you cried in front of someone?

So what if you fumbled on the stage?

So what if your deal went south?

So what if you had to break up with the person you loved?

So what if you raised your voice when you shouldn’t?

Love yourself, heal yourself, and step away from the life of an endless loop of regrets and guilt.

Thank you for taking the time and reading this. Please leave a comment or like if you enjoyed reading this.

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Ms. Bhatia
Ms. Bhatia
1 year ago

These are some very strong words for all of us. Because we all have been there in our lives where we badly wanted to reverse things and spoiled our present for that. You make think from a fresh and better perspective ❣️

1 year ago

Very well quoted.. We need to move on from the baggage

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