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My Journey as a Writer

Confession time – My journey as a writer while writing my first book.

They say writing the first book is always challenging and stressful. Is it true? Well, I am still in the development stage of my second back, so I cannot comment on that. But what I can say is that the fear of your book not getting accepted by the readers makes you edit your book vehemently, and in the process, sometimes, you lose your voice. In the end, the book doesn’t seem like yours, but as if someone else has written it.

It took me six years to write my first book. I had to tear off the first two drafts completely and start my story again for the third time. This was the ultimate test of my patience. I had lost all hope of actually publishing my novel, as nothing seemed to be working for me. I hated whatever I wrote, and while editing, I felt I was losing my touch.

Finally, I found out of some genuine Facebook writing groups and joined a few of them. It helped immensely as I could see people struggling like me and many wise pieces of advice thrown for them. Reading the posts religiously, I took on many ideas, which helped me build up my confidence and gave me hope and determination.

I started writing my third draft from scratch. And the magic worked. I could write freely, and my writing flowed along with the story. Taking around forty-five days, I finished my first draft. Now, the nerve-racking real problem began, unbearable wait time.

I had to give the manuscript a sit-off, a breather space, so when I look at it again, I can have a fresh perspective and viewpoint.

Thank you for taking out your invaluable time and reading my confession. The story will be continued…

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Payal Dedhia
Payal Dedhia
3 years ago

Wow… I am glad your dream came true.