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Who am I?

The ideal and the most fitting word to describe me is a learner. I am and will always be a learner. My life has been all about learning and exploring new things, keeping myself updated with current trends, gaining knowledge in different fields. The world is a well of endless opportunities and information. All we have to do is learn.
Not everything is done from a career point of view. Some things are done just to gain knowledge. My life has been just to gain and accumulate knowledge in different areas.
From learning all about computers, different software languages, studying to design and develop websites and apps to learning to bake and cook different varieties of dishes, life is a Pandora box full of possibilities and choices.
When the power of the unknown was too strong, I started studying the famous divination tools. Acquiring knowledge about planets and stars while studying astrology was enthralling and fascinating. The number game, while reading about numerology, was enlightening. And finally, I felt magic within my hands while studying tarot card reading.
I will elaborate on this further in my next posts. Keep checking. You can also subscribe to get the alert of the same.

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Ms. Bhatia
Ms. Bhatia
10 months ago

A beautiful personality and a perfect friend in short ❣️