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I Confessed – Know Vrushali

I Confessed – Know Vrushali

Life is wonderful with friends. And Siddharth was my best friend. His company energized me and brought a smile to my face. I was loud and flamboyant, and he was opposite to me, mature and silent. He heard while I talked. And life has never been better.
I loved him, even though I had no clue when I started loving him. It just happened. But that smarty pants friend-zoned me. How dare he?
Read my story – I Confessed and see how our story turns. Click to read the book.

Vrushali Acharya is resilient and straightforward. Regardless of the situation, she speaks her mind, not caring how the world perceives her.
Siddharth Khurana is calm and ponders on his words before he speaks. He cares too much about what the world thinks of him.
What happens when two opposites meet?
Read this short story and sweet story to find out how their destinies intertwine.
Will Siddharth be able to handle Vrushali’s outgoing personality?
Will Vrushali be able to compose herself, to feel Siddharth’s emotions?

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