You are currently viewing Will you be my friend?: A dark romance (Brutal Lies – Dark Bully Romance)

Will you be my friend?: A dark romance (Brutal Lies – Dark Bully Romance)

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We just joined Raheja college, and Sakshi and I already had each other. Meeting during the admission process, I couldn’t have been happier as I found her.
Then her eyes met Yash, and she fell head over heels.
We stayed hidden behind the bushes as she stared at him or huddled close in the canteen while they sat and laughed, staring from afar.
Suddenly, I saw him one day, and I craved his friendship.
It was innocent. We were innocent until we met them. Now we don’t know what will happen. They won’t leave us alone. But I will find a way out. I promised Sakshi, and I never backed down from my words. Chirag will have to learn to live without me.
She wanted to become my friend. Was she insane? Yet she dared to demand my friendship. I did better. I marked her as mine while Yash was already smitten by Sakshi. It was as if the angels had come bearing gifts. Now they were intimidated and frightened. They should be. We weren’t what they thought we were, but it was too late for them. They were now bound to us. Niti will have to learn to live with me.
Note: This is a dark romance.

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