You are currently viewing They Loved: A college romance (Forever Love Book 2)

They Loved: A college romance (Forever Love Book 2)

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Book 1 – They Met (read it now)

Book 2 – They Lived (read it now)

Keshav convinces a reluctant Kishori to give them a chance. She agrees, but her heart fights a battle of wills, her hesitations conspicuous as she walks the unexplored path with him.

Keshav tries hard to ignore her trepidations and her anxiousness, but even he loses his cool when it threatens their relationship. He works to assure her of his love and feelings. But when it isn’t enough, he doesn’t dither about taking the steps required to secure their relationship without repentance. She is his, and he needs her to survive.

Kishori is overwhelmed by where her life has driven her. She tries to go with the flow, but she stumbles, too afraid of each step, drawing her to the unknown. Never ever imagined being with a guy, but now she is with someone whose passion consumes her. His eyes hold her captivated while her mind screams for balance. But with Keshav, there is no balance. She is his, and she craves his love to center her.

Where will this lead them?

Will they conquer, or will the passion burn away, leaving only ashes in its wake?

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