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Carnage: Bully Young Adult Romance (Monster Trilogy Book 3) – What is Shaurya Sehgal up to now?

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Bully Young Adult Romance

Monster Trilogy:

Book 1: Monster (Click to read)

Book 2: Angel (Click to read)

Book 3: Carnage (Preorder now)

Author’s note

“Before you jump into this chapter, a heads-up: it’s right in the middle of the book. You might encounter some things that seem out of context. Still, it’s worth it because you will meet two unforgettable characters: our favorite bad boy, Shaurya Sehgal, and the sweetest protagonist I have ever written, Sanjana Khanna. Plus, there’s a new character whose role is crucial in Rudra and Jhanvi’s story. Enjoy!”

Carnage: Bully Young Adult Romance (Monster Trilogy Book 3) – What is Shaurya Sehgal up to now?


Where was Baby doll?

Sanjana had been acting strange ever since we got back from the marathon. Frustration clawed at me as I ran my hands through my hair. First, the Jeet incident, and now this. It was as if we were always in some lurch, fate constantly playing its cruel game with us.

The party was going in full swing, and Sanjana had stood by my side at the start as we greeted everyone, being the perfect host that I had asked her to be. She smiled and thanked everyone who congratulated her. Her lips were set in a straight line as she spoke, least interested, yet she engaged in small talk for me, nodding and humming from time to time. But I could see she wanted to be away from the crowd.

Then we danced a bit, but she was tired, and I let her be. She had run twenty kilometers today, for sure she was tired. I didn’t want to strain her further. Myra and Deepti stayed around, dancing and partying, while Baby doll excused herself.

Now, she was hiding somewhere, and I wasn’t able to find her. Not being able to reach her always made me restless, and I was barely holding myself right now. Even though I knew she hadn’t gone far, my irrational brain wanted to see her, touch her, kiss her.

It was a close call today, and if her dad hadn’t ended the call when he did, a lot could have happened. She kept asking me about her dad and my connection, her uncertainty making me put up my own walls. At this rate, I wouldn’t share anything with her. Maybe on our fiftieth marriage anniversary, but not before. I wasn’t about to risk what we had.

No one could take her away from me, absolutely no one, not even her. If the time came, I would lock her up, but she couldn’t take a step away from me. I wouldn’t allow it.

I needed to have a plan in place or her dad would come next month and ruin everything. I sighed, checking another empty corner while massaging my temples. A headache was forming, and I needed to see her smile to make it better.

Where the hell was she? Had she left?

I had warned her not to pull anything like that, and she wasn’t the kind of a girl who would knowingly hurt me or go against my words. She wouldn’t. Sanjana couldn’t ever do that. That was one of the reasons why my heart was drawn to her. She had the biggest heart, and forgiving was her second nature, as if she was molded that way.

“Dude, found her?” Minish asked, giving me a friendly thump on the back. I shot him a glare, but he just grinned.

Minish was a different breed—never intimidated, never angry, and utterly fearless.

I used to be like that too, before Sanjana. Now, the thought of losing her terrified me.

“No,” I gritted out.

“Everyone’s waiting for her to cut the cake.”

“And I asked you to keep an eye on her. The app says she’s here, but with so many people around, how am I supposed to find her?”

“Myra called, so I had to go. You check that side; I will look upstairs.”

I nodded and headed to the other side of the house. Damn, Dad, for buying such a big house.

When we returned home, I had arranged a massage for her, thinking she would appreciate it. But instead of thanking me, she glared at me as she passed by and slammed the door in my face. She did have the massage—I had overheard her telling Deepti how relaxing it was, and the bill confirmed it. But there was no thank you, not even her usual adorable smile that always melted me inside.

Her dad recognized me on a blurry video call. How was that possible? It had been years. Six, precisely, yet he knew who I was.

It happened all of a sudden before I could even think of acting on it. And I wasn’t my shrewd self at that moment. I was vulnerable, just the boy who was really happy for the first time in a very long time. Baby doll had won the race, and I couldn’t contain myself.

Deepti came, but she had already answered the call, and I couldn’t move away in time. Not after I saw his face. It was hard to control my emotions, let alone care about his feelings.

I paced the gym, looking in every corner, my mind racing. What would he do now? What if he told Sanjana everything? My only solace was knowing I could always track Baby doll. But what if she left me after finding out the truth?

My phone rang, jolting me back to the present. I answered it, my eyes still scanning the room. Of course, Sanjana wouldn’t hide here, yet I didn’t want to take a chance. I rarely saw an angry Sanjana, so I wasn’t sure of her reactions.

“I am on speaker,” Keshav said without greeting me.

Before I could respond, Kishori’s cheerful voice chimed in, “Where’s Sanjana? Oh, my God, I saw her on TV!”

“You mean the news?”

“Yeah, that. Give her the phone.”

“I have to find her first,” I muttered.


“She’s hiding somewhere. Nothing makes you girls happy,” I grumbled, frustration leaking into my voice.

“Oh, please… you must have done something.”

I ignored her jab. “How about I call you once I find her?”

“Do that.”

“Is the plan fixed?” Keshav asked.

“Yep. Something happened, and Baby doll has been acting strange, but I am sure she will be excited about this. Talk to you later.”

I ended the call and pushed the phone into my pocket. I walked to the far corner where we had recamiers to sit by the balcony. Of course, we never used it but Sanjana might be there.

My thoughts drifted back to earlier as I strode ahead. I couldn’t shake the image of her dad recognizing me, his eyes wide. Was it fear? I hoped it was.

But I didn’t want this shit to affect my Baby doll. My pulse quickened, the fear of losing her gnawing at my gut.

I needed to find her. I will just have to make up some story to cover it up if she asks me.

Nothing had changed. I still hated her dad. I hoped he remembered what had happened the last time we came face to face. That worthless piece of shit had got off easy, but not again. If he tried anything to destroy my and Sanjana’s relationship, I would make him suffer. And if I got another chance, I would kill him again. I failed the last time but I won’t this time.

Damn, she wasn’t here as well. Where the hell she was then? I checked my phone, opening the app. It pointed toward the house, but not the exact location. Aarush should have designed this to give a more accurate location. Maybe I could give him the suggestion and he could update it like we got updates from the app store.

I was about to turn when I saw her, or a glimpse of her pink dress. She had begged me if she could wear traditional. And I agreed, wanting to give her everything today.

She had made me so fucking proud. Your heart swells when your girlfriend achieves something, but you feel pride when she is a part of you, and that part wins something. It just felt like I had won today, not just her.

I stood there, staring at her. Her attention was on the book, but she also had a bowl with her. I chuckled. She was eating ice cream and reading a book. The perfect combination to forget I existed. Well, can’t let that happen now, can I?

She had worn a light pink shirt-style kurta, the fabric draping elegantly over her curves, and paired with light blue jeans that hugged her slender legs. Her hair cascaded in soft waves around her shoulders, framing her delicate features with a natural grace.

My jaw hit the floor, and I gaped at her. I had brought dresses for her, so many that even I lost count, but none of the designer outfits did justice to her as her simple kurta did. It was always her and not the sexy, figure-hugging dresses. She was the charm and always will be.

Sanjana Khanna looked so effortlessly beautiful when she came out to show me the dress that I couldn’t stop myself as I pressed my lips to hers, losing myself at the moment. Her soft moans filled the air, enthralling me further. I kept kissing her, even to the point of unzipping my jeans, the need to ravage her blinding me. But a knock came, and I remembered we were running late and everyone was waiting downstairs.

Right now, she was hiding behind the curtains, hiding away from me and the party. She was acting childish. Shaking my head, I raised the covers to find her sitting on a lone chair, reading Harry Potter, which part I couldn’t recognize with the few words I scanned along as I brushed her hair. She didn’t look up, but leaned into my touch.

Drawing closer, I continued to stroke her hair, each movement tender and affectionate. Gradually, I felt her relax, a contented sigh escaping her lips as she closed the book and rested her head against my stomach.

“Baby doll, let’s cut the cake.” I pulled her up when she made a face. She was angry, but that didn’t stop me from dragging her out of her corner. I couldn’t believe she was sitting here alone. I had been searching for her for the past twenty minutes.

“I want answers. That you won’t give me. I don’t need this. I don’t even know most of the people here.”

I nodded. “Same here. Remember, I just joined this college a couple of months back.”

“Then what are we doing? We could have gone out for dinner, just us two alone.”

So, she could try to convince me to talk. I knew all her tactics.

“We are having fun.” I pulled her close, and she happily came, sighing in contentment.

I narrowed my eyes. She was clearly enjoying pissing me off. “You know what? I don’t think I can ever come in your good books. First, you were angry that I always worked. Now, I am not, still you are angry and hiding away from me. Then you were angry that I was spending more time with my friends. I stopped that. Still, you are angry. So, there’s no way I think I can come in your good books, can I?”

“There is one way.”

I backed her into a corner and raised an eyebrow, my hands going inside her top. She giggled as I bent and kissed the side of her neck while my hands roamed around. My tongue licked the side of her neck, and it was absolute nirvana. Oh, God, the taste of her skin, I couldn’t ever get enough of her. Grabbing her hands, I pushed them up, stretching them above her head, while I devoured her, showering her with kisses.

“Argh… we need to talk. Don’t distract me.”

“So, you don’t want me. Okay,” I tried to pull away and she extracted her hand from my grip and grabbed my arm before I could pull away.

“What? Either to want me or you don’t want me. Which is it?”

“I want everything. Your secrets too, especially when they concern me.”

I sighed, and she closed her eyes as my hot breath fell all over her face. Bending, I latched on my favorite place, kissing her neck, and licking her, but it was never enough. I wanted more, so much more.

“Someone promised me to never leave me bite-free. But I guess you have forgotten all your promises.”

I smiled against her neck. She was right. I had been far too focused on her winning the marathon and giving her a normal life. We had sex, but it wasn’t like before. I didn’t ravage her multiple times in the night, and I certainly didn’t give her hickeys.

In fact, I was just trying to be the good boy she was accusing me of now.

Showering her with kisses, I left her neck, and her face fell. Wait, was she craving my bite? What had I made of her? I removed something from my pocket and handed it to her.

“What is it?”

“A gift. Congrats, darling. I am so proud.”

She smiled and opened the envelope. Her brows furrowed, two lines appearing on her forehead as she removed the parchment from the envelope. Two tickets slid out from between the paper and she gasped.


I nodded. “Your new friend misses you,” I whispered, tucking her hair behind her ear.

“I thought you hated to share me. You told her time and again she can dream about me all she wants.”

That I did. Because Baby doll wouldn’t stop talking about Kishori Saini, and Keshav told me the same story from his side. Kishori couldn’t stop raving about Sanjana. But I was glad they were getting along because maybe in the future, Keshav and I will do something together. And if not work-wise, we could always remain friends.

I only had an issue with one guy, that was Jeet. Other than him… no wait, scratch that, two guys. That Aarush was also a pain in the ass. Minish told me he saw him today, lingering around the marathon area. Was he there for Baby doll?

“What happened?” Baby doll asked, and I smiled.

“Are you excited about this?”

She nodded, grinning from ear to ear. “I will message her. When are we going?”

“This weekend. Friday morning, we will leave and be back by Monday morning, so we don’t miss lectures other than Friday.”

“Oh, my God, I am so excited. This is your gift. You are taking me to Delhi. That too without your entourage?”

“Without my entourage. By the way, they are my friends.”

She shrugged. “Rudra can be no one’s friend.”

“But he is mine.”

“Okay. Not arguing. I am so excited. Damn, Friday won’t come sooner.”

“Today is Sunday, so five more days.”

“Thank you.”

“Let’s cut the cake.”

She nodded, and we walked, hand in hand, to the center of the room. The crowd was already gathered and Baby doll was right. We knew no one except for our group and a few others.

“Who all have you invited, Minish?”


“Baby doll knows no one.”

“Oh, I haven’t invited her nerd community. Party should be fun and if I invited them, they all would be hiding in some corners and we would have to search for them as you were searching for her.”

I grinned, shaking my head. Minish turned to Sanjana. “Ready to come out of your sulk zone.”

Sanjana stuck out her tongue, but she smiled widely, her eyes finding someone else. I looked up and saw Tarun. He was managing everything, and I saw him busy with a waiter.

“Tarun, come, Sanjana is cutting the cake.”

“Yeah, I just need to check something. Sanjana, congrats. Don’t worry, I will be back for a piece.”

“No, stay here,” Sanjana grumbled, but Tarun had already turned.

“Stay,” I ordered, and he nodded. Deepti and Myra started chanting congratulations and Baby doll was laughing as she cut the cake. She offered me the first bite, but I put it in her mouth instead.

“Congratulations. You don’t know, but I am so proud. I have never been proud of anything in my life, but today I am. I am proud that you are my girlfriend.”

She smiled, nodding. Skipping Minish and Rudra, she went to Tarun. The guys raised their eyebrows, their lips tugging at the corners. They were trying hard to come into her good books, but it was turning out to be harder than they thought.

“Congratulations, Sanjana. We have got something for you.”

Really! I wanted to see what Tarun got for her. Deepti opened her purse and handed her something. Sanjana gasped. I moved closer to see what it was.

“It’s beautiful. Wow, it’s amazing. I love it. This is so thoughtful.”

“We are happy you liked it.”

I took the gift from her hand and checked it out. It was nice, undoubtedly. Sanjana had a carefree grin on her face. The photo was taken during the marathon. It might be the starting point. Sanjana had started slow, enjoying the run before getting into the race. Tarun had got her photo instilled inside the pyramid-shaped glass case with water inside it and Sanjana’s photo floating in the water.

“Nice one,” I said to him.

He nodded and took the gift from my hand.

“I will keep it and give it to you later,” he told Sanjana. “Congrats once again.”

Sanjana fed the cake to everyone and finally turned to me.

“So, can I feed you the cake now?”

“Only if you say you aren’t angry at me anymore.”

She thought about it for a second and frowned. “But I am angry. You don’t share anything with me.”

“Then, I won’t eat.”

She sighed, grabbing my hand and a plate of cake. Pulling my hand, she dragged me away from the crowd. I happily went. She pulled me outside, towards the pool. This area was not open to the guests. Finally, she put the plate on a lounger before pushing me on the other one. I sat, stretching my legs. She grabbed the plate and sat beside me. I wrapped my hands around her waist so she didn’t fall down.

“Please… one bite.”

“Tell me you aren’t angry.”

“I am not, but I am irritated.”

“You are not angry but irritated. Great to know.”

“How was my dad involved with your mom’s death?” she asked suddenly.

I froze, my eyes widening. She bit her lip as I stared at her. How the hell did she know this? How did she even know about my mother’s death? This was impossible. How had this happened? I stared at her, and she gulped, but I was so bloody angry. She knew too much, but who would tell her? The news was buried and only a person with contacts could get it out of the archives. She wasn’t one of them.

“Baby doll… I will ask you this only once. Who told you?”

“I read…”

“That your dad was involved or about my mother?”

“Shaurya… just tell me.”

I took the plate from her hand and threw it on the floor. It shattered into pieces, but I couldn’t care less. Pushing her down on the lounger, I stood and removed my jacket.

“Shaurya… let’s talk about this. Please… you cannot shut me down right now.”

“Who calls the shots, Baby doll?”

“Listen to me…”

“Who?” I raised my voice a little, and she gulped.

“You have been begging for me. I thought maybe I could be the good boy, but you never wanted a good boy, did you? You were more interested in the villain than the hero.”

“That’s not true.”

“I have seen you the past month, always restless, as if missing the person I used to be. Not feeling needed by me, huh?”

Her lips quivered, but I saw the excitement in her eyes. I had made a monster.

“I didn’t voice it. You talking to Jeet while he had a jammer on, or you sitting with him while keeping your phone mixed with the bags of badminton players. You thought you could get those incidents past me?”

“No… I…”

“Yes? I am waiting.”

Not really waiting, I unbuttoned her kurta. Because it was a shirt-styled kurta, the buttons were in the front, giving me easy access to her.

“Shaurya, anyone can see. Please, wait…”

“No one is allowed here, and if you remember, I didn’t stop the last time, so what gives you the idea that I will stop this time?”

“Because there is a party going on and… I just want to talk.”

“I have been giving you everything, whatever you ever craved this past month. Dates, movies, dinners, friends, group hangouts, I even let you attend the lectures and study.”

“So? Every boyfriend does that.”

“Maybe I gave you too much.”

“I want answers.”

I tore her shirt off, and she screamed. She had nowhere to go, but she tried to get up, and I pushed her back down with too much force. She winced, and I narrowed my eyes. “Don’t move.”

Bending, I snuck my hands inside her shirt and hugged her, unclasping her bra.

“No, Shaurya… please… let’s go upstairs.”

“Last chance. Who told you? Once I start, I won’t stop.”


“Fine, you want to give everyone a free show, then so be it. Even though no one can come here, they can watch it through the glass windows or the glass door.”

“Wait… give me something first.”

I handed her my jacket and folded my hands across my chest, waiting. She wore the jacket and swallowed a few times while her eyes stayed on me. She was gauging me, trying to understand how serious I was.

Well, I just wanted her to give me one reason, and I would take her right now without feeling an ounce of remorse.

“Please… don’t be angry…” she finally muttered.

My eyes narrowed, I let her see the anger in my eyes. How dare she talk to someone else about me? “Name?” I barked.


End of the chapter (Carnage: Bully Young Adult Romance (Monster Trilogy Book 3))

Author Payal Dedhia independently publishes books on Amazon Kindle. You can check her collection by clicking here.

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