Monster – Monster Trilogy – Book 1

Monster – Monster Trilogy – Book 1

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Monster – Monster Trilogy – Book 1

They say, don’t dream of a monster because you never know when he is in your face, as real as they get, and no longer a dream or a nightmare.

I am living a perplexity of my life, playing the game of loves me, loves me not when Shaurya Sehgal enters and transforms everything. He is a catastrophe that alters my reality, disbanding me whole.

The destruction he causes threatens the sheer foundation my life depends on, but I have no say in it.
He wonders how I caught the monster’s eye, but I wonder how I fell into his trap and became his prey.
How do I survive him? I cannot go against him, or he will let loose the monster inside him that will exterminate everyone around me.

I play with my monster to protect those who matter to me, hoping to keep him occupied and away from the people I love.

I am Sanjana Khanna, and I have found a way to tame the monster, or so I believe, crave, and hope. And did I say my monster has an innocent face with a dimpled smile? You can never find him in the crowd until he wants you to discover him.

Trigger Warning:

This book is called a dark, bully romance for a reason. There is no hero here. There is a monster, Shaurya Sehgal. He pounces on his prey and controls its every move.
There is no forced proximity or sexual abuse, but there are occurrences you might not be comfortable with. If you are a reader with certain triggers and sensitivities, please take heed of the warning.

I loved penning Shaurya because he drove me to break my comfort zone. I adore Sanjana for how she handles her monster and never loses faith.

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Amazing book. Please write more dark romance books like monster and crooked love.