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Carnage: Bully College Romance (Monster Trilogy Book 3): Blurb

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Monster Trilogy Book 3: Blurb

Monster Trilogy:

Book 1: Monster (Click to read)

Book 2: Angel (Click to read)

Book 3: Carnage (Preorder now)

Sometimes it’s painfully true. What you give comes back to you double. That’s exactly what happened to my monster. Shaurya Sehgal got a taste of his own medicine when Jeet unleashed carnage, leaving Shaurya reeling from the aftermath. Now, Jeet has got himself a shield, leaving my monster hungry and restless.

For me, it was a brutal wake-up call. The man I thought I knew turned out to be a stranger. The truth shattered my illusions, and I ran as fast as I could. But no matter where I go, Shaurya always finds me. How? I don’t know. He claims there’s nowhere to hide from him, and it seems he’s right. There isn’t. He insists I belong to him—heart, soul, and body. He may be right, but I will be damned if I don’t even try.

Determined to escape his grasp, I turn to the one person who might be able to fight him. He agrees to protect me, but at a steep price. I must either pay his dues or return to my monster. The choice is anything but simple, but I have to make it if I want to save myself.

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